Evergreen Recreation Center – Fresco Exchange

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Evergreen Recreation Center – Fresco Exchange
Design inspired by the Aztec God of Rain – Tlaloc
Artists: Ivan Salazar & Felipe Ortiz of Fresco Exchange
Fresco Exchange is an “intercambio artistico” that bridges the creative gap between Latin American and U.S. culture around art. We work with artists making waves at the intersection of studio practice and street art to enhance artistic opportunities, share methods of cultural expression, and inspire communities with new ways of creative thinking.
“When we first told folks we were heading to Kansas, a lot of them asked… “Why?” And we’d laugh and respond… “Why not!?” Of course, we had a very good reason for visiting this historic city (which lies directly in the middle of our country) — we were thrilled to participate in the Horizontes Project and obviously, paint some really, really large walls… very, very quickly.
Thank you to the City of Wichita, the amazing Horizontes team, the crew at the Evergreen Park, and the Design Council who anonymously requested a design inspired by the Aztec God of Rain – Tlaloc – which was in turn painted by our fearless leaders, Felipe Ortiz and Ivan Salazar.”  |  Read More @ Fresco Exchange Tour Blog