130 E 21st Street – Sigma Psi Zeta

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130 E 21st Street – Sigma Psi Zeta

Sigma Psi Zeta is a progressive multicultural Greek organization founded on March 23, 1994 and incorporated on March 15, 1996. The Alpha Theta Chapter was chartered at Wichita State University on November 16, 2013. Our vision is to provide success and support for women, particularly those of color. We aim to be a community of pioneers and innovators offering opportunities for women to develop professional and personal skills in service of education, cultural awareness, and our philanthropy, which is to combat violence against women.


Sigma Psi Zeta was founded on ten rays that collectively embodies strength and independence. The ten sunbeams represent our ten rays which are integrity, legacy, scholarship, philanthropy, professionalism, community, sisterhood, culture, citizenship, and activism. The thirty yellow roses on a vine that wraps around our mural symbolizes the thirty active sisters who have to contributed to this vision. They are also a symbol of our national flower. We borrowed colors from the Wichita flag to represent our sisterhood here in Wichita, and the colors we chose for the background were to contrast the darkness of the flag. We would not have been able to grow to where we are now as individuals without our sisters by our side in the place we call home. The yellow and green represent growth. The flowers inside the word “grow” have deep meaning to us; flowers are able to blossom in the dirt from a single seed no matter what harsh conditions they endure each passing season. In Wichita, we face various obstacles each day that contribute to the stunt of our blooming community. The words “each other” are different pastels to represent the different backgrounds that root from Wichita.

This mural is the perfect representation of unity. We are dedicated to the empowerment of others especially those who have been marginalized. Together we aim to grow and support each other.