Nomar Theater

[ Nomar Theater ]

Location: 2141 N Market St, Wichita, KS
Neighborhood: NorthEnd

The Nomar Theater sits in the heart of the NorthEnd neighborhoods, near the intersection of 21st Street and Market Street. The theater is history intrinsically connected to the Latino and Asian communities currently living around it, with huge potential to continue to be a key element of the neighborhood identity.

Many Mexican American Northend residents have bittersweet memories of the Nomar Theater,  as it was a segregated entertainment space, in which Mexican and African Americans had to sit in the theater balcony, accessed only through a separate entryway.

Some remember these dire moments of Wichita’s history, some look at a brighter moment when Nomar became the first integrated theater in the city.

This space has sat vacant for over three decades, as a quiet witness of the economic ups and downs in the Northend. A renewed sense of pride in place and a community growing in political power, our hope is that through Horizontes we can catalyze an exciting rebirth of the theater, following the steps of the Historic Dunbar Theatre.

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